Why Groom your Furry Friend ?

Why Groom your Furry Friend ?

Have you ever thought that grooming is also one of the factors which has evolved with human evolution? Yes, the grooming has made us civilized, the same goes for our fluffy friends. It is essential to groom our pet dogs regularly to maintain the healthy state more than keep them civilized. Earlier people used to buy clothes only for their fluffy buddies as a matter of pet-fashion but now many are aware of the importance of grooming too. In order to encourage this, many parlours and spas have been emerged in cities. In fact, this industry is growing every year with the annual growth rate of 30% approximately.

Health Benefits:

It is not a fancy spending on your dog for grooming. There are some health benefits also lying in this process. 

Better smell and look:

The grooming process helps our dogs to smell better and it also makes them look better. When we groom regularly all the germs and bacteria causing bad odour in the skin of dogs will be removed by then. So, ideally it will be helpful in making their look and smell better. And also, there are number of products available in the market such as shampoo, soap for better smell.

Prevent Hair Shedding:

Shedding hairs is a natural process that happens in dogs. Dogs shed their hairs to maintain the healthy skin and coat. By shedding they get rid of older hairs and bacteria in the skin. Though, it is quite uncomfortable for humans especially when they are having kids in their home. Because these furs make them sick.

We can’t prevent dogs from shedding but we can reduce the amount of shedding hairs by grooming. Shedding can also be caused by one of the following reasons like bacterial infections, viral infections, pregnancy, thyroid issues, cancer, sunburn, immune diseases, liver conditions, kidney diseases. So it is important to maintain your dogs skin health to avoid serious issues.

Nail trimming:

Wait! Does trimming nails also comes under grooming? Yes, trimming nails not only gives beauty to the dog. It also restricts bacteria from causing infections. Just think when you hug your dog with love it also hugs you back, right? But when it hugs what if hurts you your children by nails? Is it making sense now?

We have to cut their nails short especially when children are around it. Failing so will cause serious injuries and infections through the cuts. 

Fleas and parasites removing:

Without grooming regularly, it is possible that your dog can catch blood sucking parasites like ticks and fleas on their skin. If we don’t watch it properly it may cause weighty damage in health of the dogs. 

How can you groom your dog? 

It is no wonder that grooming our dog is slightly costlier that grooming ourselves. Each grooming session would cost around Rs.500 to Rs.800 per session. This is because of the special products which are being used for grooming. Since, there are a smaller number of key players in the market, who provides quality products, the cost is slightly higher right now. This price could vary different from service providers based on the type of services they are providing like human personal care industry.

Now, we don’t even need to take our pet dogs to their centres for grooming. The grooming centres are offering doorstep service in their professionally customised, fully equipped vans to offer this service of our convenience with a small premium amount. 

Not that we always need to seek the professional service for our pet grooming, there are products which are available in markets like pet shops and online E-commerce sites for pet grooming. For those who cannot afford grooming sessions always can buy these products and take care personally. But make sure that when you buy products on your own in market whether from shops or online platforms, make sure the quality of that product is good. Because low quality products can harm your pets. It is also a one of the ways to express your love to your pet!

Breeds and grooming:

Breeds like Great Dane, Golden Retrievers, Dalmatian requires comparatively grooming more often.

Not all dog breeds require grooming. There are some breeds which requires grooming not often. Breeds like Doberman Pinschers which are known for their minimal maintenance costs, Dachshunds requires minimal brushing only, `Beagles also requires brushing once per week only. There are some other breeds which we can add to this list such as Pug, Boxer, Grey Hound etc.,

Identify your dog’s coat:

Some breeds have thick coats and some have very light coat based on the place and climate where they have originated. So, based on the coat of you dog’s breed keep them regularly groomed and maintain their personal hygiene. Climate is also one of the factors which induces shedding. So in particular climate you may have to take care of grooming and protecting them by wearing clothes appropriate for them.

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